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Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
experience, that is great. but our industry changes so quickly that almost none of us have done anything like this before. so it's all new. so i ask people how they would handle specific situations and we are looking for flexibility. and we are looking for the skills of a can adapt. one of the things we are looking for is at a meeting that we, a lot of them were mbas and than they had been asking about their career path and that was a very good set of advice. because they were saying that we won't see fleshless. >> people would call me up and say i am a vp now and i need to be a senior vice president for chief operating officer or whatever your company. and i would say so all the people actually showed up and said, how could i help. >> there were a lot of people that turned us down in our early days. >> they still remember. i was offered jobs with more senior titles. but the google job was way better job. even when i went to facebook. it would've been ceo of the things that i did. i came into work with mark. titles don't always matter as much. you to focus on that. >> he shifted
Aug 6, 2013 11:00pm EDT
now, and that is the size of the ship. a ship that carries 5,000 see using go through that panama canal and come into most ports. ships on the ocean right now that carry 12,500 ceus requires adept at 50 feet. so viejo is the only port on the east coast that can take a ship the requires a 50-foot draft. no overhead obstruction, so we can take the big ships now. we set the record a few months ago. came in drafting 49 and a half feet. so it is cheaper to put cargo on a large ship because of volume. those large ships need summer and viejo is the place. >> the president recently has been going around the country at ports in florida talking about infrastructure of the nation's ports, calling for investments. port officials are saying, we are about 40 feet. many to be at least 47 feet, dredging, in order to take a super tanker coming from the new panama canal. explain that. >> right. it is all about the depth. not only to the port, but also see lanes to get end. most people when you get to the notion they assume it is deep. is just not at every port. so we are authorized to right now at
Aug 5, 2013 11:00pm EDT
yet used the gun at all. we have said that a nuclear armed iran would be unacceptable. we say that it is a supporter of terrorism and then it's unacceptable and that we have the option, the military option on the table. and we have not pushed back in the last 30 years adequately. we think a bunch of iranian speedboats and ships. the iranians got the message and they stopped putting it in the gulf and they stopped firing missiles. as we have made our point and if anything, ron was more eager to negotiate as a result of that strength than before an exercise had taken place. but other than that we have done nothing. they tried to get this to go year and half ago. all it did was indict the people that we knew were responsible. he went on killing americans and blowing up american ships until he actually took them out. that is what you have to do with the radicals who want to kill americans. but at the beginning of our discussion we had said that we should not attack us, an attack would be bad, it would be the wrong policy. how do you negotiate or operate from a position of strength if you'
Jul 31, 2013 11:00pm EDT
everything in america, not only will you not get care tomorrow, we'll take the dollars you use to get care today, and the supreme court said that was an outrageous use of federal power. seems like there's lots of examples in the history, and in our present of using the tax code to treat some people in some states differently than we do people in other state, and to use the affordable care act as a hammer, not an approach, but the stick. did you consider those things -- do you agree with my analysis of those two circumstances as they exist today, and did you consider those in the analysis that you performed? congressman, yes, we are aware of the provisions that you -- >> the stick approach opposed to the cater approach. >> as i said in the review of the legislative history, the floor debates, there's no evidence that there was any discussion of the carrot stick approach in connection with the premium tax credits. >> okay. but it is consistent with past irs practice to treat folks in some states differently than we treat folks in other states based on statute? only those with income tax
Aug 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
there used to be a sense of urgency on this issue at all levels. it is essential between osha and dhs and the coast guard and state regulators and there has to be enough information available to identify those facilities that could pose a risk. that information needs to be shared. the next challenge is to ensure that dhs analyzes the facilities that provide information and gao has told us that when it comes to assessing and assigning risk, arguably the most essential aspect of the program is neither reliable or consistent. to that point the blue rhino facility exploded scented fireballs into the night sky and it was not determined by dhs to be high risk. but i believe with a lot of work and smart people in this program, we can do better. that is why we have called on the president to bring together experts to tackle the fundamental issues and i was pleased to see that the president established an interagency working group to collaborate on improving information and safety and security. >> i want to thank the ranking member for the full committee for his opening statement and for b
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5